Are You Yolking Yourself?

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Healthy Wonderful Egg

The yolk of your precious egg is 14% better than you may have thought in the early 2000′s. shares,

The amount of cholesterol in a single large egg has decreased by 14 percent according to the new United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) nutrition data*. Consuming an egg a day fits easily within dietary guidance, which recommends limiting cholesterol consumption to 300 mg per day.

*In 2010, a random sample of regular shell eggs was collected from locations across the country to analyze the nutrient content of eggs. The testing procedure was last completed with eggs in 2002, and while most nutrients remained similar to those values, cholesterol decreased by 14% and vitamin D increased by 64% from 2002 values.

Mike Dawson of DEATAILS magazine writes “Are Egg Whites Healthier Than Whole Eggs?” and his conclusion is to go ahead and eat the whole egg. That being said, there are still ways to eat eggs that will add more fat and calories than necessary.

Dangerous Fattening Egg

It’s not the lonesome egg itself that poses a high-caloric and fattening risk. When you order eggs out, many restaurants cook with oils and butter to make your eggs over-easy, sunny side up, omelets–or really anyway you can imagine. In order to avoid downing extra grease and calories be sure to ask how the eggs are prepared, and if possible, ask for preparation with cooking spray such as PAM, an excellent non stick, no calorie spray. Don’t feel embarrassed to ask for something you want when you’re out to eat. Waiters and waitresses are getting more requests for people with special dietary restrictions, health issues such as diabetes, people on certain medications and those who are just plain watching their weight. Although at first it may seem a little odd, before you know it you’ll have a collection of eateries in your head that will alter meals and serve you lower-fat options than what may be on the menu (or options on the menu, for that matter)!

Take a look  at the Denny’s Farmer’s omelet. They list some calorie information, a little more frightening than you’d think:

Denny’s Farmer’s Omelette contains cheese and other ingredients, but the amount of eggs and it’s preparation surely don’t contribute to a healthy diet. If you’re making your eggs at home, you can guarantee your nutrition facts are about as close to the egg box as possible. So, go ahead and enjoy your eggs. Just watch out for additional calories and fat that egg dishes may contain.

How do you enjoy your eggs? Let us know below!

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  1. I have a roomate that cooks eggs almost every morning .. I can smell them when I wake up! I was worried for there health for a while but this article has put some sense into my head!

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