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Diets are for Failures

Restricting yourself from the foods you crave and desire almost certainly will lead to over-indulgence down the road. An effective way to combat fat gain is to be aware of what you’re eating and how much you’re exercising. Did you really work that hard at the gym, or is it the principle that’s getting you to think you deserve a Krispy Kreme later that night after the workout?

The state of Michigan’s website gives a comprehensive list on why diets are just no good,

  • Diets deprive us. Many diets involve eliminating certain foods or even whole food groups. This is not only unhealthy but also unrealistic for the long term.
  • Diets are temporary. Once they have reached their goal, most people go back to “normal” eating, so the weight comes back.
  • Diets often don’t fit into normal life. Weighing and measuring food may help you lose weight, but aren’t practical as long-term strategies for most people.
  • Diets can be expensive. Buying special foods can rack up a big bill quickly.
  • Diets can actually lower your metabolism. When you drastically cut back on calories, your metabolism tends to slow down. You burn fewer calories and the diet becomes less effective.
  • Diet is only half of the equation. Lifetime weight management is not just about what you eat. It requires physical activity as well. Experts recommend 60-90 minutes a day most days of the week.



The best kind of pal out there is someone who can hold you accountable for your actions. This app has helped me track what I eat, how much I exercise and truly changed my life in small ways that have added up to big success. Maybe you’ve seen MyFitnessPal users tapping away at their phones vigorously after a meal,  logging exactly what they ate into the application. Extensive food options allow you to literally get as specific as “Panera Bread BBQ Chopped Salad without Ranch Dressing”. Plus, you can portion out a full bowl of soup if you only had half a container or 1/8th of that banana.

Today, I’ve had breakfast and lunch and the screenshot below shows me how I’m tracking on my % daily values.  I’m over on my vitamin A and C, and dinner should consist of more calcium and iron if I’m going to meet my goal. You can even track back weekly and examine how you’re doing. Making small adjustments here and there will get you to your overall weight.




If you can stay within the calorie guidelines for your height, weight and weight-loss goals, there’s no easier way to reach success! Have experience with myfitnesspal? Share it in our comments section.

You can find myfitnesspal for free at the Apple app store.

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