You Need More “Me” Time

5 Things “Me” time does not consist of:

  1. Going to work
  2. Car shopping with your best friend
  3. A 30 minute TV show
  4. Cleaning your house/apartment
  5. Complaining about your life

5 Things “Me” Time does consist of:

  1. Working out / outdoor activities
  2. Going to a day spa
  3. Sleeping in
  4. Personal grooming
  5. Reading

There are plenty additional “Me time” and “non-Me-time” activities to be included. For sake of ease, we’ll stick with  5 of each. The question is

How many times a day do you do the non-Me time activities vs. Me-time activities?

I asked around and the responses were as expected but sad. People didn’t necessarily go car shopping every week but they did something for a friend or relative that took up a part of their free time during the evening. That being said, I looked at my own personal habits and realized that it’s time for a change. I need more Me time.

Obstacles to Me time

Get on the mission to shake life up a bit. Every day, we find ourselves in a routine. Get up, go to work, work out, eat, go to bed. Customize your own daily routine. A close friend once said “don’t sit around and wish for a change, make it happen”. That quote has kept me grounded and allowed me to make personal changes to enjoy more Me time. It’s not easy, especially for those of you who are not only involved with a significant other, but a family and a career as well. Super-moms are known for their abilities to handle it all, but it may not always be the best thing for themselves.

Take Advantage of Opportunities

Do you have a work holiday coming up? Plan a trip to the day spa. Just yourself! Pick up a favorite author’s new book and lock yourself away for a few hours. There’s no use in trying to shake away from your responsibilities. The way around that is to be able to take advantage of every single opening in your life. Take a Personal Time Off day and relax, because you deserve it. Plus, how else are you going to escape for a bit of Me time?

Not every single week will you have the time to visit the spa or spend hours doing your nails, shaving, etc. But making up a plan to squeeze in a little each week will make you feel more accomplished and happier at work and in your personal life. Say what you want, but we all need to be a little Me monsters once in a while.

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